this is a tiny blog about the microsoft store

  1. Windows creates a bunch of folders there, like “WPinstallerbullshit” or whatever, and you can’t modify or delete those unless you do a whole lot of complicated steps to make it happen. If you had a clean file structure before (d:/games, d:/steam, d:/mmos, etc), kiss that goodbye.
  2. You can’t modify the contents of those folders, so say adios to modding, which is a crucial part of PC gaming.
  3. Unlike Steam, GoG, Origin, and Uplay, you can’t simply rescan those folders and take possession of the content inside. You have to redownload. When I was under a data cap, I had to download all ~150 gigabytes — almost an eighth of my data cap — of Gears of War 4 again. Reinstalling every game I had installed destroyed my data cap. No one else needed to redownload a thing.
  1. Some games are not showing up as games to install in either Microsoft Store or the currently misleadingly-named Xbox app, even if I definitely purchased them under this account and they DO show up under the massive “list of everything I own.”
  2. I can’t sort any of this, in either the Microsoft Store or the Xbox app.
  3. Nothing loads very quickly, despite my machine having great specs and being on a wired gigabit LAN connection using gigabit internet. In fact, it can take 15+ seconds to load entries to the store page, while the xbox app won’t load at all. When loading JUST games in the Microsoft Store, despite it being a MUCH shorter list, it still takes forever.
  4. You can “manage” some games, but not really, because they’re xbox only games. DLC shows up under those games.
  5. You cannot manage other games but it’s not clear why.
  6. Some DLC shows up in your list but not all of it.
  7. DLC does not show up as games, nor does it install when you actually install the relevant game. So now I have to go manually install a bunch of DLC and hope I got it all because as I’ve demonstrated, the stores load really slowly and sometimes not at all.
  8. Massive inconsistencies with what’s displayed and what isn’t (state of decay 2 and state of decay 2 ultimate edition both show up).



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GB 'Doc' Burford

GB 'Doc' Burford


I do some freelance work, game design consulting, and I’ve worked on games Hardspace: Shipbreakers and created games like Adios and Paratopic.