the #playthis archive

Hey, this is a compilation of what you could consider my personal gaming canon. These are games I think are essential playing — and because it’s me writing this, it’s a way of really getting to understand me, I think. I don’t post these a lot, but they’re games I think are worth trying. You might see this list and raise an eyebrow: that’s good! I’m not here to give you the canon list you’ve already seen; is there really anything that Super Mario Bros 3 or Metal Gear Solid can give you that you don’t have already? These are the games that I think are interesting and the games I think can help you make better, more interesting games.

Anyways, here’s the list so far, in chronological order:

Days Gone

Death Stranding

Ace Combat

I’m hoping to get a STALKER: Clear Sky one up soon.