i shipped 1 game and finished 79 video games in 2021 and here is a list of all of them

(check the dates lol)
  1. Xenoblade Chronicles (Nintendo Switch)
apparently I didn’t take any screenshots of my most recent playthrough, so this is all I have?
man, i love this game
this screenshot is from a video the pc version because it’s all I could find that I had on hand
enjoy the 4k remaster trailer; i played the 360 version
a google image search provided me with this wonderful illustration of abstraction (the horse’s head) and simulation (the horse’s butt)
apparently i had exactly one screenshot and this is it; makes sense, I was largely playing on a controller and until the series x controller for windows was updated with screenshot functionality there was no way that I know to take screenshots with a controller on windows other than some weird steam macro
for some unknown reason, the darkness 2 will not let you take screenshots on an xbox console in backward compatibility mode? i have no idea why



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GB 'Doc' Burford

GB 'Doc' Burford


I do some freelance work, game design consulting, and I’ve worked on games Hardspace: Shipbreakers and created games like Adios and Paratopic.