• David Ulevitch

    David Ulevitch

    SVP / GM of Cisco Security Business. CEO and Founder of OpenDNS. I play the long game.

  • Donna Berry

    Donna Berry

  • Dan McClory

    Dan McClory

  • Wiley Hausam

    Wiley Hausam

    NYC Arts manager. Arts and social change. Political. Progressive.

  • Jake Albano

    Jake Albano

    Programmer, Whovian, Christian. I make games (http://t.co/PKwTn5sSNW). Terrible at writing summaries of myself.

  • Desiree Pratt

    Desiree Pratt

    Just a lady writing about games. I hope you all enjoy whatever I have to say.

  • Gabriel S. Pacheco

    Gabriel S. Pacheco

    o fantasma do equinócio passado

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