does art say things?

Setting The Stage: Should Art Say Things?

not my screenshot
not my screenshot
  1. does your game have a worldview? (yeah lmao) can you remove your worldview entirely from it? (no lmao)
  2. does depiction mean endorsement? (not necessarily)
  3. does art communicate ideas? (intended: yeah, but that isn’t the point)
  4. does art communicate ideas? (unintended: yes)

Does Your Game Have A Worldview And Can You Remove Your Worldview Entirely From It?

lmao i forgot how short they made lara in this game. no one else is this small.

Does Depiction Mean Endorsement?

not my image
the screenshots for this article are just me randomly grabbing ones from my drive because I’ve taken 8 hours to write 16,000 words and honestly i need to be done, but it is deeply hilarious to me that watch_dogs, as a game, does not seem to understand that aiden is bad. like, he does bad things, and bad things happen to him, but the game’s always like “i dont get it. why do bad things happen to such a cool guy?” right before the game has him chokeslam a woman into a wall because it thinks that’s hot or something, which is fucked up

A Brief Interlude

Does Art Communicate Ideas? (intentionally)

honestly this kid is exactly how a skeptical audience member will look at you.

Does Art Communicate Ideas? (unintentionally)

this is a screenshot of army of two but it does distill the entire idea of this essay into a single loading screen tip, huh

This brings us to The Division.

Does Art Say Things?



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