thematically, these screenshots mean nothing; once again, I’m not using them for illustrative purposes but to break up the post so it isn’t visually exhausting. these screenshots are from digimon cyber sleuth and will be until I say otherwise, if I say otherwise.

hi, so there’s A Discourse floating around and I’ve been thinking about it because it’s about How People React To Things, and that doesn’t just mean how we, as artists, make things people react to, but how we react to the feedback from all of this.

I am an artist, I make art. I have thoughts about how we oughtta react to the responses sent our way. So that’s what this is. This is largely written from that perspective, but it’s also for people who aren’t artists but who want to converse with them; it’s for you if you want…

these pictures probably aren’t relevant but im too tired to figure out what relevant pictures would be

Hi, I’m Doc, and I write games, and people seem to like the writing I do, because over the years, I’ve received literally hundreds of messages from people asking me how to write, and for some reason, I’ve got a lot of recent queries about this, so I should probably do something about it.

My health being what it is, and writer’s block blocking what it’s blocking, I decided I would write this essay before getting back to the other essays I’m working on (there’s like 30,000 words in my half completed essays folder right now lmao). …

unless otherwise noted, all screenshots are mine, and i just had to pick random ones

I write until I feel the writing is complete, but that doesn’t always mean the thought is finished. So, here’s a preface which you can skip to let you catch up if you want; if you don’t want, then skip it and get to the real reason I’m here, which is to praise Resident Evil 4, among other things.

Hey, this is a compilation of what you could consider my personal gaming canon. These are games I think are essential playing — and because it’s me writing this, it’s a way of really getting to understand me, I think. I don’t post these a lot, but they’re games I think are worth trying. You might see this list and raise an eyebrow: that’s good! I’m not here to give you the canon list you’ve already seen; is there really anything that Super Mario Bros 3 or Metal Gear Solid can give you that you don’t have already? …


2020 was a difficult year, to put it mildly. Sure, I can tell you about covid or relationships deteriorating or medical emergencies or whatever, but I think you get it. You know.

So instead I’m going to tell you about something very, very cool that happened: A game I worked on came out.

One time I did something very stupid.

I was mad that some software had changed, and I was like, I don’t know, 23? 22? Young as shit, and a website I did all my Commenting on — a website that would somehow overlook how stupid I had been a few years later and give me money in exchange for words professionally — had changed its software. I wrote the poor editor in chief (who would later whip me into shape as a better writer and give me money to do it, which I am in awe of because I was…

null world fanart by @pabastien on twitter

I am hungry for good horror, and sometimes, that means figuring out why stuff doesn’t work. So, hey, don’t stop me if you’ve heard this one before, because it would be a really short article if we did that.

So, there’s this protagonist, and he’s just arrived at an isolated location. Maybe there are some people around, but usually not many. It’s far from civilization, desolate, probably dark. He cannot get help. He’s looking for his missing wife or girlfriend, maybe he’s had a shady past, he says something like “oh! my head!” …

Everyone tells you the sky turns green before a tornado, but until I saw it with my own eyes, I couldn’t comprehend it. That day, as we huddled in the basement of Sharon Baptist Church in Wichita, people prayed in hushed voices, and I thought about how the sky really did turn green.

I think I was 10.

I don’t know if I heard the tornado. I remember the sirens, but I grew up with a tornado siren — for most of my life, a Federal Signal 2T22 they tested every Tuesday— in my back yard, so that was nothing…

apparently I don’t have a lot of Doom screenshots for some reason

Doom is one of my favorite games of this generation. I love it. I have triple dipped on it, even though there’s no real point, since, y’know, I could just replay it on the first platform I bought it. Doom Eternal is not one of my favorite games of this generation, even though it is improved in so many ways, and on paper, is objectively a better game by every single metric. This discussion is, in part, meant to be an explanation for why that is.

But first, a funny story.

I almost died. Okay, maybe not so funny. But……

Back in 2012, I thought Uncharted 2 looked like the most amazing video game ever, and because I had just purchased a Playstation 3 from Gamestop, I decided to give it a whirl.

Some part of me was skeptical of all the praise it had got, but I couldn’t really imagine it being bad. The art looked amazing, the characters seemed to get along well, and while I’d heard that the game’s aiming was so bad on launch that they had to patch it (apparently they also did this for the first game?)…

GB 'Doc' Burford

I do some freelance work, game design consulting, and I’ve worked on games Hardspace: Shipbreakers and created games like Adios and Paratopic.

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